No 2016 Christmas Concert

We wanted to let you know that we will be spending this Christmas season with our newest Redpath additions.  In March Lauren gave birth to a sweet and big baby boy named Lenny.  During mid November Torie welcomed her daughter Maebel Anne.  We will miss you this season but hope that you will be spending it with the people that mean the most to you.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you! Love and Blessings!

Christmas Concert Is Back!

Hey friends! We are so excited to have our Christmas concert back this year. We missed celebrating Christmas with you last year. We are LOVING our newer roles as mothers! We've gone through a lot the last couple years. Every experience brings a new perspective and we promise to bring everything we've got to our show this year! We can't wait to share our hearts with you.

We've Been Busy...

Hello friends! It's been way too long since we've posted. So much has happened in the last year. For starters, we all have little ones that keep us very busy. We have decided to take the year off from any Redpath Christmas concerts to focus on our families and other commitments. We still want you to get in the Christmas Spirit so here's a few options to look at.... Torie will be performing with Simple Gifts this season. They put on a lovely show, check it out! Ali will be singing at Eagle Brook Church - Blaine campus for their Christmas services. Lauren will be singing at Eagle Brook Church - Lino Lakes campus for their Christmas services.

We hope to see you at some point this season...and don't worry we won't be gone forever... Check out the main reason we need the year off!!!

God Bless and enjoy the season with your loved ones!