2012 Redpath Life Updates

This winter/spring has been full of life changes for the ladies of Redpath!! Our Christmas tour was a great way to end 2011. We had over 12 concerts this year. It's pretty amazing to see our holiday show grow from 1 single show when we started in 2006 at St. Andrew's.  This year our hometown venue changed as we moved it to Mahtomedi High School's Chautauqua Fine Arts Center.  This was exciting for us to be in the type of venue that really suits our music well. We plan to be back there next winter and we'll most likely need to add a third show! A huge shout out and THANK YOU to our fans for supporting this change and coming out to the shows.  We traveled to Duluth, Hayward and New London as well and hoping to expand into Iowa next season.  Harley the tour dog came with us on road trips and even made a surprise appearance on stage in Hayward! He literally snuck away from my husband, made his way down the aisle of the theater and up the stage steps.  Everyone was laughing so hard we had to stop the show and start the song again!


After the holidays it was time to focus on ALI our youngest sister and singer. She got married on January 6th at Eagle Brook Church.  It was a magical ceremony!  Torie and I sang at it of course and served as the matrons of honor.  Ali took off to enjoy a week in Hawaii with her husband following the ceremony.


Last but not least...my husband and I celebrated the birth of our daughter Lula on February 5th.  Mike and I were both big kids when we were born and I swelled up like a balloon... we thought FOR SURE we were going to have a 9 pounder on our hands! At 8:50pm (after 17 hours of labor) our TINY peanut arrived, weighing in at 6 lbs, 12 oz.  She is the light of our life and growing rapidly. She's got mommy's hands and big feet and daddy's eyes!


I'm almost ready to get back on the saddle and start doing music again.  Right now, I'm booking Redpath's summer calendar, working on learning guitar and taking care of my little one.