Torie (left), Ali (center), and Lauren (right) grew up singing and learning to harmonize from a very young age.  In 2008 they decided to form Redpath, and take their passion for singing to a new level by pursuing a professional singing and recording career as a vocal trio.  They released their first single "Let Go" that very same year and have been performing regionally ever since.  Redpath followed up their single with a full length holiday album titled "The Heart of Christmas" in 2009.  Every winter they tour to bring the joy of the season into the heart of each listener.

On July 1, 2011 Redpath released their first original album titled "American Made".  Influenced by the sounds of Allison Krauss, The Eagles and Shania Twain, their music is designed to connect with the listener and share personal experiences and stories through songs that everyone can relate to.

Each sister brings something unique to Redpath.  Of course their first priority is music, songwriting, recording and live performance but it takes much more than singing to run a business.  They started Redpath, LLC from the start and work as a team to keep the momentum going.


During the summer and fall months, Redpath performs in theaters, city parks and festivals.  During the live show it is their goal to make the audience feel good about themselves and bless them through their music.  They perform to connect with their listeners and share relatable stories and personal experiences in the message of their songs.

During the winter, Redpath puts on a Christmas Music Experience.  The holiday show was designed to bring the joy of Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ into the hearts of every listener.

Moving Forward

Redpath hopes and prays that they’ll be able to continue to share their gift of music with the world for years and years to come.  A wise woman once told them it’s not what you get when you leave this world but it’s what you gave away.  They intend to keep on blessing and inspiring others through music with messages of faith, hope and love.